Coonara Community House (CCH) was established in August 1976 as a place which offered alternative learning opportunities for adults and children. Since those early days CCH has grown both physically and in the range of programs offered.

Coonara became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 1995, and has been the recipient of many awards for its quality and innovative training and delivery of courses. Several trainers have also received multiple awards for excellence in training from State and other training industry bodies.

One of the features of a community house is the very strong commitment to, and philosophy of community development. This is reflected in CCH’s mission statement, statement of purpose and code of ethics. At CCH we aim to treat people as we would like them to treat us. The following Code of Ethics is to help promote that aim.
Code Of Ethics

The strength of Coonara comes from the diverse nature of the people who come here.
We respect each other’s differences, ideas and values.

We seek to create a welcoming atmosphere of friendship and acceptance.

We foster a safe environment, encouraging consideration and tolerance.

Our actions and behaviour reflect a sense of honesty and responsibility towards the community.

We respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information entrusted to us.

Mission Statement
On display in the house.
“Coonara seeks to foster a safe, supportive, friendly environment which inspires personal confidence and empowerment for individuals. Coonara encourages community participation and is committed to providing opportunities which are relevant and accessible to all.”

Statement of purpose
• To foster a safe, supportive friendly environment which inspires personal confidence and empowerment for individuals to reach their potential.
• To encourage skill development and personal growth through a range of services and activities.
• To assess community needs and provide opportunities for people to participate in activities which are relevant and financially accessible to all.
• To assist people to build pathways by providing educational programs, promoting the notion of lifelong learning to enhance quality of life.
• To provide a forum to promote awareness and understanding of community issues leading to action which will enrich our community.
• To provide a meeting place for groups and a venue for the provision of community services.
• Foster mutual support and self-help, rather than promoting direct service provision.

Adult education in Community Houses
Community Houses, sometimes known as Neighbourhood Houses or Learning Centres, originated in the mid 1970’s as a response to the community’s need for a meeting place to break down isolation, a place to share resources and a place to learn new skills. The number of Houses grew rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s to over 200 in Melbourne and over 300 in Victoria alone. Currently there are more community houses than McDonalds stores in Victoria (2012).

Community Houses aim to increase the life opportunities of their local communities by providing education, support, childcare, sharing of resources and access to networks in a warm and caring environment.

Studying at Coonara Community House
Coonara Community House is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) (http://www.asqa.gov.au/) as a provider of accredited training. This means that an accredited course you complete with CCH carries the same status as the same course at any other registered training institution, such as TAFE, college or private training organisation. Accredited training delivered by CCH is recognised Australia wide.

At a Community House we focus on the needs of individual learners, work with smaller class sizes and make a concerted effort to encourage adults who may lack confidence. At CCH we offer generous terms for the payment of fees, and we are able to refer learners to a wide range of support services in the local community. Our tutors specialise in adult learning and have a philosophy that sees learning as a shared process in which all adults have a range of skills and talents which may be shared with others in the class.

Policies & Procedures
CCH is a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO) and as such is subject to regular audits of its policies and procedures to ensure that our students receive the best possible outcomes.

CCH has a comprehensive Policy and Procedure manual which may be viewed by any member of the House. Please speak to Reception if you would like to view the current policy and procedure manual.

In brief the following policies or procedures will impact on your time with us as a student or activity participant at the house:
• Privacy Policy – together with the Information Collection Statement details how we handle your personal information and who we will disclose it to.
• Conduct and discipline – what is expected, and what happens if you breach expectations.
• Certificate issuing – original and replacement certificates
• Complaints and appeals – what to do, how the process works
• Safety at night – what procedures are in place
• Emergency procedures - who is in charge, what to do, where to meet
• Compliance with legislation– identifying the key Acts and Legislation that impact on the operations of CCH

Please note - Coonara is a perfume and aftershave free zone. This has been implemented for the comfort of allergy sufferers. Thank you for your support.

View PDF version of current CCH Annual Report hereFile is quite large. Please be patient while it downloads.

Coonara gratefully acknowledges the providers of funding for its operations in;

A.C.F.E. (Adult, Community & Further Education)
DPCD (Department of Planning & Community Development)
Knox City Council